NSW Berejiklian Government Achievements 2015-2018. 

We Work For NSW

  • We have delivered more than 480,000 new jobs since April 2011.
  • The NSW unemployment and youth unemployment rates are the lowest in the nation.     
  • We recorded a $5.7 billion surplus in 2016-17, with a surplus of $3.3 billion forecast for 2017-18, after we inherited a $5.2 billion deficit from Labor.
  • We have no net debt and have protected the Triple-A credit rating.     
  • At the 2015 election we promised 150,000 new jobs over four years. In just the three years since the last election, 280,200 jobs were added, an increase of 7.6 per cent in the number of jobs.  
  • The NSW unemployment rate is 4.8 per cent, the lowest of any state for the 33rd consecutive month. The unemployment rate in the rest of Australia is 5.9 per cent. 
  • The NSW youth unemployment rate is the lowest of any state.
  • Our CTP reform will save motorists around $120 per annum, on average, in green slip insurance. CTP premiums for taxi drivers will fall by almost $3,500 a year. 
  • Boosted energy rebates by 20% for around 900,000 households. 
  • Introduced the Active Kids voucher - parents are now able to claim up to $100 per school child, per calendar year. 
  • Introduced minimum expiry dates on gift cards, giving $70m back to consumers.    
  • Since being elected, we’ve abolished 6 taxes and charges, saving taxpayers more than $2.2 billion over 4 years.
  • Delivered 77 major upgrades to hospitals and health facilities.
  • Delivered 9,397 more doctors, nurses and midwives since April 2011.  
  • Improved timeliness of surgery to over 97.5%. This is the highest result across Australia.
  • A record 92% of ambulance patients arriving in ED are with a hospital clinician within 30 minutes. 
  • Built 59 new or upgraded schools
  • Provided funding for over 3,000 new classrooms, totaling around 70,000 additional student places
  • 4,569 additional teachers
  • A further 153 new schools and major upgrades are currently under construction or in the design/planning stage.
  • Increased the participation rates of children enrolled in 600 hours of early childhood education by 40 per cent.
  • Delivered over 28,000 new weekly train, bus, ferry and light rail services.
  • Delivered the Opal Card.
  • Delivered 47 train station upgrades, with 10 more underway.
  • Delivering a new XPT train fleet for country passengers.
  • Delivered almost 2,000 kms of new or upgraded roads since 2011.
  • Invested almost $27 billion in regional roads and freight
  • Delivered almost 1,000 additional police officers since we were elected.
  • We have introduced the toughest counter-terrorism legislation in the country.
  • 16 out of the 17 major crime categories in NSW are either falling or stable, including murder, armed robbery and break and enters.
  • We have strengthened anti-bikies legislation and police powers, and introduced the revenge porn and one-punch laws.
  • We have introduced reforms to reduce the rate of Aboriginal Australians in prison, offering new sentencing options including rehabilitation and community-based sentences. 
  • Government has delivered a 13.9% increase in Aboriginal Housing Office properties
  • We are delivering 27,000 new and replacement social housing dwellings. 
  • There has been almost a 24% reduction (in 2016-17) in the number of children entering care.
  • We have launched the Return and Earn container deposit scheme, giving returners a 10c refund for eligible drink containers, with almost 200 million bottles already returned. It is the largest litter reduction scheme in NSW and will help us reduce the volume of litter by 40 per cent by 2020        
  • Opened 87 Service NSW centres across the State, with an average wait time of less than 7 minutes. We are rolling out 21 new one-stop shops into rural and regional NSW.
  • We are investing in grassroots regional sporting facilities throughout rural and regional NSW with the $200 million Regional Sport Infrastructure Fund and the Stronger Country Communities fund.
  • Committed to a redevelopment of Allianz, ANZ Stadiums, to provide world-class facilities to deliver more major events.
  • We are investing over $130 million in TAFE facilities across the State - 7 new major capital works and 26 ongoing major capital works projects.
  • Enrolments in government-funded VET have increased by 49 per cent. NSW is now the largest provider of government-funded VET in Australia. We have more apprentices and trainees in training than any other state, more than 20,000 ahead of Victoria      
  • Nearly 20,000 people secured the keys to their first homes since we introduced generous stamp duty concessions in July 2017 – up from 5,400 over the same period last year.
  • We have abolished all stamp duty for first homebuyers on existing and new homes.
  • Made a $10,000 First Home Owner Grant available to builders of new properties.
  • We have introduced a foreign investor surcharge of an additional 8% on stamp duty. 
  • In the 5 years to 2018, electricity network prices will have fallen by 15% ($119).
  • We have the nation’s most comprehensive energy relief package: boosts energy rebates by 20 per cent for around 900,000 households, with over 1 million rebates provided each year, provides discounts on energy efficient lighting and air-con upgrades for all households, which could lead to savings of up to $500 per household a year, helps around 10,000 small businesses access discounts to upgrade inefficient equipment, which could lead to savings of up to $1,900 a year, ends unnecessary charges from retailers, such as exit fees, and penalises them for not moving rebate recipients to a better deal.       
  • Veterans Employment Program 523 jobs for veterans – smashing the 2015 election commitment of 200 jobs.       
  • Introduced tough coal seam gas regulations which declared country towns and suburbs across NSW ‘no go zones’ for CSG activities in NSW.
  • Introduced tough new environmental standards to protect prime agricultural land and water resources.

NSW Baird Government Achievements 2011-2015

Making NSW Number ONE Again

• Government debt under control and projected State Budget surpluses for next four years
• NSW leading state for economic growth and lowest unemployment rate in the nation
• Record housing starts - 46.3% above decade average
• NSW retains AAA credit rating keeping interest rates low and allows more money for schools, hospitals and other necessary services
• Pensioner electricity and gas rebates to help with the pressure of utility costs, and eligible families also receive an energy rebate.
• Energy prices are expected to continue to fall
• Greater planning control back to councils and communities with introduction of Joint Regional Planning Panels
• Successful roll-out of Opal card
• NDIS and Stronger Together Two provides record funding for people with disability
• Adoption reforms and transfer of foster care to the non-government sector protect vulnerable children and give them a safe home for life
• 62 more nurses and midwives for our Health District
• 1025 extra teachers state wide since 2011
• 590 more police officers with increased powers
• More caseworkers including child protection workers
• $13 million for council-owned roads in Goulburn electorate driving approximately 140 more full time jobs, and supported 430 more
• $35 million for Hume Highway
• Major upgrades to Goulburn Hospital
• $1.5 million development of Yass HealthOne facility
• Cut wait times in emergency departments and improved the proportion of patients seen on-time, despite an increase in the number of emergency patients.
• Additional $762,989 in needs-based funding for local government schools in 2015
• Flashing Lights programme roll out for schools across NSW. 33 local schools already complete with the remaining installations to commence in February.
• Coal Seam Gas extraction banned within 2 kilometres of residential developments
• Toughest mining and gas extraction regulation in Australia
• Electoral and political reforms introduced to regulate lobbyist work, ministers required to publish diaries and political donations restricted.
• Severe penalties for forced under-age marriage
• Severe penalties for Female Genital Mutilation
• Domestic Violence reforms to improve the protection of vulnerable partners and children and to reduce domestic violence.
• $1.6 million toward group homes in Goulburn
• $8.9 million for regional roads
• Over $280,000 to Wingecarribee Shire Council for waste reduction and recycling
• $300,000 in Community Building Partnership funding in 2014
• Service NSW one stop shop announced for Goulburn
• $2.2 million announced for Oallen Ford Bridge replacement
• $4.3 Million for resurfacing Goulburn – Braidwood Road
• Approx $1.6 million for Southern Highlands road maintenance 2014/15


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