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The Goulburn electorate reaches from the villages of Hill Top and Yerrinbool in the north to the shores of Lake George in the south. It encompasses the charming historical towns and villages of the Southern Highlands, the great city of Goulburn and outlying rural communities and pastureland of the Southern Tablelands. What unites these distinct centres of the electorate is the warmth of the people, the enthusiasm they have for their communities and the zeal they have to protect the environment they live in.

 The City of Goulburn has a long history as both a rural centre, and as a meeting point between Sydney, Canberra and Southern NSW. Having made its fortune on the 'sheep's back ' the city struggled for a while to find its new identity.  Now with a secure water supply Goulburn is reinvigorated and proactively becoming an important regional centre once again. Approaching its 150th birthday, the city is welcoming new opportunities for both existing and newly arrived residents.

A challenge for our electorate is to find a balance between development and growth of the region whilst still retaining a rural atmosphere and architectural heritage.

The Southern Highlands is a favourite tourist destination with the railway bringing Sydneysiders to the cooler Highlands during the hot summer months. The beautiful rolling country side, easy bush walking opportunities and pretty villages never fail to delight local and international tourists, whatever the season.

For those looking for less rural pursuits there are fine restaurants, wineries, bijou hotels and tempting retail centres. In honour of our sporting heritage, we have the world class International Cricket Hall of Fame and Bradman Museum which attract thousands of visitors each year.

The future of the Goulburn electorate is bright; the local councils, business chambers, environmental and interest groups and village associations work hard to promote the area as a tourist destination and a location for suitable business and industry to ensure our towns and villages have a sustainable future for the people – like me – who love to live here. 


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